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Greetings from the Bedford County (TN) Amateur Radio Service (BCARS-TN) and WELCOME to the web site and forums.
A little bit about who we are:
We are a growing, diverse group of wonderful folks. Our membership ranges from highschool students to retirees who all share a common interest....amateur radio.
Each and every member of our club is a valuable asset and a key piece to the entire "well-oiled" machine" that makes our club as diverse and exciting as it is. We have members who enjoy many various facets of amateur radio; dx, digital, ARES, CW, VE testing, experimentation, home-brewing, antenna theory, mentorship of up and coming amateur radio prospectives...just to name a few of the many aspects of amateur radio possibilities.
Please, make yourself at home on our website, browse the forums, post messages back and forth with our members, and feel free to ask any questions you may have about our club. We wholeheartedly welcome you aboard. Remember, above all else... our bottom line is to share friendship, knowledge, comraderie, and most importantly...FUN with amateur radio!
Consider this welcome post to also be an invitation to come and visit one of our monthly club meetings, which you can find information about elsewhere in the forums. We would enjoy having the opportunity to meet you and welcome you to our community, and club.
Hope to see you soon!!

Joe Thatcher
Current BCARS President
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